Basic (3 to 4 months)

Our basic program is designed to establish sound general obedience, a good work attitude, and give confidence to the young retriever.  Verbal and whistle obedience commands will be taught and then reinforced with proper collar conditioning.  This allows us to establish a quick command response even at a distance.  Delivery to hand will be established by teaching a proper hold and mouth habits on training bumpers and birds.  Force Fetch will follow to instill sound pickup and delivery.  Your dog will be exposed to decoys, boats, guns, and countless land and water retrieving situations.  Upon completion of this program your dog will be relatively steady and able to compete at the AKC Junior Hunt Test level.

Transition (3 to 4 months)

After completion of the basic program, your dog is ready to move on to our transition training.  This will build upon the foundation work established in the basic program.  We will focus on multiple marks, diversions, and blind retrieves during this training.  Handling skills will be taught and reinforced with proper go-stop-come standards.  Your dog will become steady and required to honor another dog’s work.  This training should allow your dog to handle AKC Senior level Hunt Tests.


Upon completion of the transition training an exceptionally talented retriever can move on to our advanced training.  This training will refine the skills needed and give your dog exposure to the technical and complex situations that are encountered at the AKC Master Hunt Test level.  Countless hours of training are required to perform at the Master level.  At this level, each dog's rate of progress will be different depending on their strong and weak points.  Effort will be focused upon addressing any areas of weakness while maintaining the established strong traits for your particular dog. 


Each dog is constantly evaluated during all stages of training.  We may reach a training level at which we determine a certain dog is not going to succeed. Should this happen, the owner will be immediately contacted and the details of the evaluation will be discussed; at this time, a dog may or may not continue training with us. We are proud of the training achievements we have made with past clients, but foremost it is our intent to be upfront and send home a dog that is trained to the level that you paid for.

This is a panoramic view of one of our training grounds.  It was created by "stitching" 9 individual photos together.  Although the waterway in the foreground looks like it has a sharp bend in the middle, it is actually a straight channel; the "bend" is an illusion caused by the stitching process. 

Click on any photo for a larger view.  The full-size panorama is a large photo and will take a while to load on slower internet connections. 

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