Bayley  x Howdy litter, born Nov 28, 2002.

Taken Dec 6, 2002

Stony Point Kennels has been fortunate to have produced many litters of healthy happy puppies over the years.  Here are some pictures, both before and after they went to their new lives. 


Hoyce and Deputy Shauna Taylor

This is Hoyce, from the Rocky x Breeze litter born Sep 2, 2004.  Stony Point Kennels donated Hoyce to a police dept to be trained as a drug detection K-9.  Hoyce successfully graduated from the training and is now working in Jackson County, IL.  For more about Hoyce, click here (requires Adobe Acrobat).

April 12, 2007 Bayley x Rocky


Bayley had a good sized litter of 10 puppies, including 2 chocolate females, 2 black females, 4 chocolate males, and 2 black males.

October 1, 2006 Boomer x FC Riparian Easyrider (Scooter)


Boomer presented us with 5 yellow puppies, 4 females and 1 male.

June 27, 2006 Bayley x Rocky


Bayley had a litter of 6 puppies, consisting of 2 black females, 2 chocolate males, 1 black male, and one chocolate female.

June 23, 2006 Breeze x Rocky


Breeze presented us with 3 chocolate females, 3 chocolate males, and one black male.

October 4, 2005 Bayley x FC AFC CAROLINA'S SMOKE ON THE WATER "Little Man"


One of the chocolate males turned out to be something of a camera hog.  Can you guess which one?

Here's a hint.

Bayley had 8 puppies, including 4 black males, 1 black female, 1 chocolate male, and 2 chocolate females.

July 7, 2005 Boomer x FC Riparian Easyrider (Scooter)


Party Animal.

Boomer's litter consisted of 2 female and 4 male yellow labs. 

Sep 2, 2004 Breeze x Rocky


Breeze and the whole crowd at 5 days old.

3 weeks old.

Twelve unweaned puppies...  One weary mother... 

This was our largest litter to-date, 12 puppies, including 4 chocolate females, 2 chocolate males, 3 black females, and 3 black males.

May 3, 2004 Boomer x FC Cosmo's Concerto Charlie


April 22, 2004 Bayley x FC NAN-DOOL ELWOOD BLUES "Elwood"


This was a litter of 9 puppies, including 4 black males, 1 black female, 2 chocolate males, and 2 chocolate females.

September 4, 2003 Boomer x Hilltops Hayseeds "Bubba"


June 11, 2003 Breeze x Rocky


A 9-puppy litter, including 3 chocolate females, 4 chocolate males, 1 black female and 1 black male. 

Nov 28, 2002 Bayley x Watermark's Texas Welcome "Howdy"


This was a litter of 7 puppies, including 1 chocolate female, 1 chocolate male, 2 black females and 3 black males. 

Apr 19, 2002 Breeze x Rocky


Breeze had 9 puppies, consisting of 3 chocolate females, 3 chocolate males, 2 black females, and 1 black male.


For more puppy pictures, click here...

Some of our kids after they've left us for a new home


Lexy and Kristy Hazuka of Omaha, on graduation from Puppy Kindergarten.  From Breeze x Rocky born Apr 19, 2002


       Chili and Bill Tripp of Omaha. 

From Breeze x Rocky born Apr 19, 2002,

age 5 1/2 months.

Oct 3, 2002


Joshua, owned by Joe Bradley of Omaha. 

From Breeze x Rocky Apr 19, 2002,

age 6 1/2 months.

Nov 4, 2002


A family portrait (left to right) of Rocky and Breeze with their son Joshua, back for a visit.  Joshua at about 8 1/2 months.

Dec 30, 2002

Stony Point Kennels is looking for more photos of our kids that have gone to new homes.  If you have one of our puppies and have pictures you would like us to display, please contact us at george@stonypointkennels.com .  


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